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If you are a Wildlife Removal Company and want to be listed on the National Wildlife Removal website please call 940-220-6008. You must be licensed, insured, and in business for more than 3 years.

National Wildlife Removal for raccoon removal, squirrel removal and control, rat removal, opossum removal, bat removal, snake removal, skunk trapping, armadillo removal, and an animal in the attic.

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This is a national directory of professional wildlife removal services. The companies listed here are all experienced in nuissance wildlife control and removals. Methods used by these companies are proven wildlife removal tecniques, not pest control chemicals. Each company listed here has there own proven wildlife removal solutions unique to their state laws that they must abide by.

Question: Why not try to get rid of a wildlife problem on your own?


  1. Nuisance wildlife is unpredictable… experience and training for a quick, humane, and cost effective removal.
  2. Dangerous… animals can attack when felt threatened.
  3. Dangerous work environment… attics can reach over 120 degrees, crawl spaces can be hot, cold, wet, and hard to exit fast if being attacked.
  4. Wild animals carry disease…rabies, canine distemper, roundworm, leprosy, they carry ticks and fleas, rat bite fever, Bubonic plague, and many toxic parasites.
  5. Not licensed to transport nuisance wildlife for release back into their natural habitat.
  6. No licensed to relocate and release a wild animal back into their natural habitat
  7. Simply put, homeowners are not trained in proper nuisance wildlife techniques

Frequent nuisance wildlife animal problems are for raccoon removal from attics, squirrel removal and control, opossum removal, skunk trapping, get rid of rats in attics, bat removal and clean up, armadillo digging up the yard, snakes in the garden, and dead animal removal.

A common misconception is that pest control companies all do nuisance wildlife removals. Pest control services are not trained in professional wildlife removal. This is far from the truth. Going through the training on pesticides to control bugs is not the same training on how to remove a live animal. Most states are recognizing this and separating the two industries.
Now a pest control company can train and offer wildlife removal services, but ask them if they use any poisons to remove a nuisance wildlife animal. The nuisance wildlife removal industry trains not to use any chemicals or poisons to extract any nuisance animal. So if they offer a solution with chemicals or poisons they have not been trained in proper wildlife removal methods.
Any wildlife removal done properly will be done quick and as humane as possible. A professional wildlife removal should be performed to put as little distress on the animal as possible. All wildlife removal services are trained in these proper procedures.

All listed professional wildlife removal services solve these wildlife removal issues:

Animal in the Attic
Bats in the Attic
Get rid of a Skunk
How to get rid of an Armadillo
How to remove a Dead Animal
Opossum in the Attic
Raccoon Removal from Chimney or Attic
Remove Rats in the Attic
Squirrel Control
Squirrel Removal

A honest professional wildlife removal service will only charge for the work to be performed that day. If a contract is signed that is discounted then a percentage could be paid and each time the wildlife removal services performs more of the wildlife removal repairs then more money can be paid at that time until complete.
Some companies do charge up front for extensive work to be performed, however they should not ask for the total amount up front before any work as started.

Example for paying some money up front… If you have a wildlife removal involving a squirrel removal. Some of the damage can be repaired while the squirrel is still inside the structure. So paying for most of the repairs is acceptable before the squirrel removal is performed because typically the only repair left to repair is the small entry point the squirrel is inhabiting. These repairs can be done on the initial service call. Only one more visit is typically required and the homeowner doesn’t need to be home for this visit.

Example for why not to pay upfront… A raccoon removal from an attic. Several types for professional wildlife removal methods can be attempted for the raccoon removal. Clean up of the nesting and feces is always part of any wildlife removal services estimate. Homeowners should not pay upfront for these services until the raccoon removal is complete.

The 2017 sponsor is Chimney Troop, located at: 9500 Ray White Rd. Suite #296
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NWR has many sponsor wildlife removal companies, Masters Services was the title 2016 sponsor. If you are a wildlife removal company and want would like to featured on NWR then call 940-220-6008.