Animal Control Harris County

If you are in need of animal control Harris County, call Chimney Wildlife Tech (832) 413-6431!

Right now the wildlife reports are at a high, it is most nuisance animals breeding season. Raccoons and squirrels will be looking for the safest place to birth and raise their young right now and then occupying those places for the next few months while the babies learn to fend for themselves. If you are noticing any noises in your attic, openings or damage around your home or odd smells, get help with animal control Harris County as soon as possible to minimize the damage done to your home.

One thing to do this time of year is to take a look around your home, take note of any areas that seem to have holes or damage to them. You are looking for any areas that would be easy access or could be with a little bit of work. This is something that animal control Harris County can help you with. Getting these areas sealed and repaired is very important in ensuring that the animals do not re-enter your home.

When you contact Chimney Wildlife Tech (832) 413-6431 they will set up a time for a technician to come out and get a full evaluation done on your home. They look for things like damage to the soffits, loose or damaged vents, holes that are big enough for animals to get into your home from. They look in the areas that you are hearing the animals for signs of what type of animal you are dealing with. Then then use effective and humane animal control Harris County techniques to get the animal evicted from the area. After the animal is removed from the area they will then sanitize and deodorize the area to ensure there is no spread of illness or disease.

Squirrels and raccoons can cause quite a bit of damage to a home. Squirrels have teeth which have no roots and are always growing. Due to this, they like to chew on things to keep their teeth in check. They have been known to chew on anything you can name and for some reason really enjoy wires. Animal control Harris County is the only way to ensure and prevent damage to your home, get them out fast and keep them out.

Raccoons, especially mothers, are very smart and strong. They are able to take a loose board and rip it right open without much trouble. When a mother raccoon is separated from her offspring there is not much that she cannot get through to get to them. You need an experienced animal control Harris County technician to spot a mother raccoon and handle her appropriately so as to prevent further damage in her coming back to get her babies or them being left in the attic and having to handle dead animals in the attic later.

For all of your animal control Harris County needs call Chimney Wildlife Tech for an evaluation.

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