Animal Control Marietta

Titan Animal Solutions (770) 728-3974 is the leader in animal control Marietta.

Have you ever been sleeping and woken up to a noise in your attic? Eating breakfast and seen a squirrel enter your attic? Noticed a hole in your siding and wondered if rats were able to get into your home through this hole? If so it is time for you to reach out for some animal control Marietta help.

With spring soon arriving there are many animals that are looking for places to call home and raise their young. Some of these animals may find their way into your home or property. Most of the time this is due to some damage or deterioration that already existed yet sometimes the animal is desperate to find a home and will make the necessary adjustments to yours in order to have an easier time occupying the space. This can include a raccoon removing the vent screens on your roof to have better access to the attic, a squirrel finding some siding that is not in top condition and chewing a hole into the siding to get into your walls.

With any situation needing animal control Marietta, it is always better to contact a professional for help. Animals can look harmless but the fact to remember is that they are wild and there is no way to tell what the animal will do if it feels cornered or threatened. Raccoons for example, are strong and smart and when cornered or scared can be quite vicious. The experts at Titan Animal Solutions (770) 728-3974 are trained and experienced in the humane and safe handling of nuisance wildlife animals.

When dealing with an animal control Marietta situation, unfortunately, it is not over when the animal is gone. It is vital to get repairs done to the areas that the animals were in to ensure the safety of your home. This would include getting any and all of the entry points or possible entry points sealed up to prevent further entry from other animals along with the sanitizing of the areas the animals occupied to prevent the spread of disease and illness through their feces and urine. Although an animal may look healthy there are many germs and diseases that are carried and passed through their fur, saliva and waste.

Titan Animal Solutions are the best people to call when you are in need of animal control Marietta. They have technicians trained and experienced in all sorts of animal control situations. They not only focus on the eviction of the animals involved but in getting your home proofed up against further reentry from nuisance wildlife animals. The staff at Titan Animal Solutions work to get your home back to normal after an animal control Marietta situation has occurred. With this they offer repairs and clean up solutions after the animal has gone, including placing new insulation in your attic if needed.

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