There are really only two ways to have an opossum removed from your property. Live catch or traps. Opossums are one of the easiest animals to trap, almost any food will work.

Live catch is simply being able to be close enough to grab the animal either by your hand (if young enough) or with a catch pole. Only a trained professional wildlife control handler should attempt hand removals. Armadillos move slowly when not bothered, but jump and move fast when felt threatened.

Trapping an armadillo and removing them to a non residential area. Armadillo traps areArmadillo Removal are stategically places in the yard to have the armadillo walk directly into the trap. Armadillos feed on grub worms that are under the soil. Having a baited trap for an armadillo will typically not work. Trained proffesional wildlife removal services know how to set the traps and have a quick removal to insure the least amount of damge occured by the armadillo to your property.

There is no effective deterant that I know to keep armadillos from digging in an open yard. Armadillos do not respond to scent propellants of predetors or other armadillos making trapping and removal really the only method for success.

Often homeowners try to put moth balls in the yard or in the burrows. It does nothing! Really, trapping is the only way to get rid of an armadillo successfully.


Identifing if an armadillo is on your property is easy. Small holes in a concentrated area

Armadillo Digging up yard

Flower beds uprooted and mulch thrown all over the place is proof of an armadillo. Armadillos like to burrow under foundations and under a/c units.

ARMADILLO INFORMATIONThe nine banded armadillo is the most common species in North America. Armadillos are mainly in the south but do inhabit as far north as Nebraska over to Indiana. Streching from New Mexico to Florida the rapid expansion is due to having no natural predetors.  A wildlife removal should be only preformed by professional wildlife operators (handlers). Handling a dead or an alive criiter can be dangerous or hazardous to your health. Wildlife and especially armadillos have really become a nuiscance over the last 25 years due to the loss of natural habitat.