Bird Removal & Control

Pigeons, Woodpeckers, Chimney Swifts, Canadian goose, and European Starlings are the most common bird nuisance wildlife removals. Droppings and loud bird communication can be a troubling nuisance to homeowners and businesses.

Birds removal is by trapping is not typically the best solution to solve bird nuisances. Habitat control is the best method of eliminating bird nuisances by making the ability to nest uninhabitable. Bird spikes, netting, or electric shock tracks are the best methods of keeping birds away. Killing birds only stops that bird from returning, more birds will continue to come because the property is a good nesting location.

Chimney swifts are the easiest bird to not have living in your chimney. Have a proper chimney cap installed before March and chimney swifts cannot get into the chimney.

Birds fall under wildlife removal and not pest control in all 50 states. Our listed wildlife removal services will come up with a solution to your bird problems or at vary least some control methods to attempt to keep the birds from returning.