Mole Removal

Mole Removal

Eliminate moles from your yard, don’t try to use ineffective poisons. Poison don’t work! 

Mole Hills and Tunnels

Unfortunately kill traps are the only effective way to get rid of moles. Traps must be placed in the perfect spot in a tunnel or the trap will not work. It definitely takes an expert to solve any mole issues in your yard. Poisons do not work! Moles eat live grub worms, earth worms, and insects. Moles rarely will eat anything else. I have tried repeatedly using poison worms, I always had to return with no success. That is good for pest control businesses, not us! We want to solve your mole problem, not control it! Trap, Trap, Trap.

The success of getting rid of moles is all in the… where to put the traps. This is only done by experience and training. Many times a wildlife control officer will go on a mole call and find the homeowner has already got mole traps and had no success. Placing and setting kill traps correctly is key to a quick successful mole elimination. 

Hiring a professional wildlife removal service can save time and money. Quick and successful mole removal from your yard can save time and landscaping bills from getting any larger.