Atlanta Wildlife Removal

Atlanta Wildlife Removal

National Wildlife Removal welcomes Titan Animal Solutions in Atlanta, Georgia. For an Atlanta expert in wildlife removal for squirrel removal, rat removal and proofing, snake removal, mole removal, raccoon removal, opossum removal, armadillo removal, and skunk removal.

Steven Broadhead, owner and operator, is licensed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and a member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association. Steven is also a member of Angies List and ServicMagic. Titan Animal Solutions has a good rating with Better Business Bureau. For any wildlife removal situation you may have Steven is Atlanta’s best nuisance wildlife control operator. Titan Animal Solutions is a 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency service for situations like a snake in the garage, squirrel in the fireplace, raccoon in the wall, rats in the attic, or any need it know animal service.

Atlanta has a active squirrel second breeding season coming up in late summer and early fall. Steven specializes in squirrel proofing omes with squirrels nesting in the attics or sofits. Squirrels can chew to gain entry or just get through an opening under the roof that goes under the entire perimeter of the roof sometimes called the “contractor spot”. If your home has not had this sealed or closed up your home will have squirrels in the attic. It’s not whether you will have a squirrel control problem ,it’s when will you have a squirrel control problem. Steven offers a true warranty that he honors, not just on a piece of paper.

Rats have always been a common nuisnace for Atlanta’s residences. Rats in the attic are loud and messy, leaving droppings everywhere the walk. Rats chew on through walls and siding creating costly repairs. Rat proofing is not an easy task, Titan Animal Solutions knows how to eliminate rats from attics. Steven uses no chemicals or poisons to remove the rats. To get rid of rats you must seal up all the entry points the have gained access to the house. This prevents rats from returning as long as you clean up any feces and uriine and then sanitize the attic for pheromones. Rat droppings carry disease and absolutely needs to be removed for a proper rat removal in Atlanta.

Atlanta Wildlife removal is a necessary service. The habitat surrounding Atlanta makes it easy for wild animals to live amongst humans. Large trees in everywhere make it easy for wildlife to hide and move around to get into attics and on roofs.



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