Bat Removal Petoskey

If you have found yourself in need of bat removal Petoskey, call Wildlife Management and Nuisance Removal at (866) 662-2877.

Most people commonly think of bats as being a rodent, this is not the case, they are in fact the only flying mammal. In Michigan, the most common species of bats that you encounter are the Big Brown Bats and the Little Brown Bats. When a bat has gotten into your home it is more often than not from them following the air currents into your perfectly climate controlled home. Bats only need an opening of ¼ of an inch to be able to enter an area. During the bat removal Petoskey process it is important in the prevention of reentry to get all of these possible entry points sealed up and closed.

During the months of May and June in Michigan bats are normally giving birth, this makes for an exciting time in a bats life as over the next three to four weeks the baby bats will be learning to fly. This is normally the situation where a bat gets into the living spaces of someone’s home, they are still getting the skill of flying all nailed down and have taken a wrong turn. Getting bat removal Petoskey done on your home will help to prevent this type of entry as well as preventing colonies from forming in your attic areas.

Getting help with you are in need of bat removal Petoskey is one of the safest roads to take. When dealing with bats there are two major concerns; Rabies and Histoplasmosis. In Michigan there has been testing done and 5% of the bats tested were positive for rabies. This is a concern when there is a possibility of human to bat contact including, bites and contact to the human glands, like eyes, mouth, nose and so on. Histoplasmosis is an airborne fungal organism that is found in bat guano (feces). Exposure to bat guano affects the human lungs and can resemble tuberculosis and get worse over time. Some forms of Histoplasmosis can lead to impaired vision and even blindness.

Getting bat removal Petoskey done by a professional will ensure that all of the current and vital safety precautions are taken during the removal and cleanup to prevent the spread of any illness or disease the animals may have been carrying.

When preforming bat removal Petoskey, there are one-way-nets and exclusion devices that can be installed to get the bats out, this would be done once the young have learned to fly to prevent them from being left unfed in the attic of your home. Then getting all of the possible entry points to your home repaired and sealed will prevent future reentry.

This season if you have found yourself in need of help with bat removal Petoskey, call Wildlife Management and Nuisance Removal at (866) 622-2877 for the best help in Michigan.

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