Raccoon Removal Cincinnati

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This time of year there are many situations that a homeowner may run into that will lead them to needing help with raccoon removal Cincinnati. This is due to the fact that we are smack in the middle of raccoon breeding season. For the last month mother raccoons have been looking for safe and warm places to make their home for the next few months while their birth and wean their young. Sometimes this ends up being in the attic or walls of your home. Raccoon removal Cincinnati is best done by someone trained and experienced in the field to ensure the least amount of damage is done to your home and the situation is handled rapidly.

Most homeowners notice there is an animal in their home when they are woken in the night to noises from the animals in the attic or walls. Some people have reported seeing the raccoons entering or exiting their home through an opening that they hadn’t noticed before. When you have a Wildlife Specialist come to your home to assist with raccoon removal Cincinnati they will be looking for exactly that, the areas that the animals are using to enter your home. At some point during the removal these areas will need to the repaired and sealed to prevent futher entry and possible reentry from other animals. When Tri-State Wildlife Management comes to your home they will help you to not only complete the raccoon removal Cincinnati but to also help you to get any repairs and cleanup that your home needs once the animals are gone.

Tri-State Wildlife Management is lead by Vikki Rawe, with over 21 years of expereince and training in the field of wildlife and wildlife removal there is no one better to help with your raccoon removal Cincinnati needs. Their Wildlife Technicians use only the most up-to-date and humane methods for animal removal and relocation. With the expereince of their leadership and staff there is no nusiance wildlife situation that can elude them.

If you have found your self needing raccon removal Cincinnati call Tri-Sate Wildlife Management (513) 853-0037 for fast, humane and effective help.

Raccoon Removal Northern Kentucky

This season if you are in need of raccoon removal Northern Kentucky, call Tri-State Wildlife Management (859) 635-0037 for the best help in the state.

Over the last month and for the next month or two it is raccoon breading season. This is the main reason that there are more and more reports during this time of year about seeing raccoons during the day and hearing animals in your attic. This is normally due to the fact that the animals that you see are mothers who are about to give birth or have recently given birth and are raising their young. Raccoon removal Northern Kentucky is vital to ensure the structure of your home as well as stopping the spread of any disease that the animals may be carrying.

There may be a number of reasons that the raccoon you are dealing with chose your home to occupy, most of the time there is something that drew the animal there. This could be an already loose vent, a hole in the siding, pet food left outside, accessible trash cans and so on. Most of the times they will take up home in your house due to convenience but it is also very common that the raccoon can find weak points in your home and open them up to have access. During raccoon removal Northern Kentucky there are numerous examples of raccoons creating their own access points to a home and using that home as their own until getting relocated.

Getting professional wildlife removal help when you have a situation needing raccoon removal Northern Kentucky is the best and safest route to take. Raccoons are extremely strong and can cause quite a bit of damage as well as physical harm if they feel that they, their young or their home is being threatened. Having someone who is trained and experienced raccoon removal Northern Kentucky will help you to will decrease the amount of time and effort that you as the homeowner have to spend in getting the raccoon removal Northern Kentucky done on your home.

With over 21 years of experience in raccoon removal Northern Kentucky there is no reason not to call Tri-State Wildlife Management (859) 635-0037 to help you with your needs.

Removal Raccoon from Attic Houston

It is that time of year again for removal raccoon from attic Houston, call Chimney Wildlife Tech (832) 413-6431.

Raccoons are a real nuisance to you and your family. Raccoons are very mischievous and are always up to no good. In the daytime you are more likely to hear the activity then at night because raccoons use the night time to do their scavenging for food. This is why most mornings when you awake your trash is scattered throughout your yard. Most raccoons like to dwell in wooded areas where there is a water source for them; however they do adapt well in all urban settings. Raccoons like to make their homes in any accessible openings in your home. These animals are nocturnal and they maybe in your home long before you realize that you have a problem. However, you will be able to hear them scurrying around over top of your head and at this point it is a good idea to call in a professional that specializes in. Removal raccoon from attic Houston will help keep these rodents from living in your attic.

Raccoon removal from attic Houston is a way to let the professionals do the work for you. Most people do not understand how a raccoon can get their attic but if you have trees that have low hanging branches this can be a way for them to get in. Raccoons will use anything that is easy detachable to them such as shingles, vents on your roof, chimneys or fascia boards are ways of entrance for these pesty animals. Raccoons love to make homes in your attic for their young because of the warmth and all the materials they have access to in there to build a nest. Removal raccoon from attic Houston will eliminate the Raccoons from tearing up your insulation, chew and gnaw at your electrical wiring and even destroying your air ducts. Raccoons find attics to be a great environment to raise their young because of the warmth they provide and the abundance of materials that can be used to build a nest. They also make themselves so at home that they will use your attic as a restroom. Once this starts to happen the feces will pile up and the urine can even seep down into your ceilings. Removal raccoon from attic Houston done by a professional will ensure that proper techniques are used to remove the raccoons and all signs of their home inside your attic.

Another important reason to have removal raccoon from attic Houston is because of the diseases they carry. The most common one is rabies. This is a deadly disease caused by the neurotropic virus that is transmitted to another by a bite. Also in the feces of a raccoon there are roundworms these are resistant to disinfectants and can stick on all type of surfaces. The roundworms are very difficult to destroy and this is why it is important to hire a professional is the best solution. If a human even inhales the roundworm fumes this can cause serious illness. Your children are more susceptible to the ingestion of this because they tend to put all kinds of things into their mouths. Soil is one of the places that this disease can be held and if ingested it can cause serious illness. Human exposure to diseases and parasites carried by raccoons needs proper medical attention. Removal Raccoon from attic Houston is best handled by a true professional like Chimney Wildlife Tech (832) 413-6431. Don’t let your attic turn into a longtime home of these unwanted pests.

Raccoon Removal

Find a National Raccoon Removal specialist in your area here. Raccoon pups are getting active and starting to get mobile. One mother and up to 6 pups are now running around the attic or chimney.

Raccoon RemovalRaccoons love to enter attics and chimneys. Both areas offer quiet, safe, and comfortable nesting spaces to give birth and feed new born raccoon pups.

Even as hot as attics can be raccoons have the ability to endure the heat and survive. The insulation offers are great pillow effect for comfort.

Attics are easy for raccoons to enter. Old vent covers with no screening or weak screening, rotting siding, thin old roof shingles and decking, and raccoons have learned to tear off sofit boards. Raccoons have adapted to get into attics of even new homes. Raccoon pups in the wall

Once in the attic raccoons often slide down a wall to mimic living inside a tree trunk.

Typically they like the easy access, but I have seen a raccoon rip off a new roof and dig through a deck board to get into an attic. If a raccoon wants in sometimes the best animal proofed home cannot keep them out.

The best way to keep raccoons away is to deter them from wanting to enter your property. Proper measures need to be followed to deter raccoons from your property like…

  • keep trash can lids secured tightly, use bungee cords or have your cans in a sealed container
  • keep pet food inside, often a neighbor is feeding cats outside but is also attracting raccoons to the neighborhood
  • maintain rotting trim or siding
  • have a chimney cap

Raccoon in the attic

To get rid of raccoons in attics Nuisance Wildlife Services do one of three methods.

  1. Live catch
  2. Scent Deterrents – I do not mean coyote urine! Not effective in my opinion.
  3. Trap

Some Nuisance Wildlife Services have their own special method that they go to for odd situations, but the above 3 methods typically work for a fast solution.

People that have re-occuring raccoon issues generally do not do a proper clean up of the feces and then sanitize the effected area. Raccoons search out other raccoons for breeding using pheromones. When a raccoon or a family of raccoons has been taken out of an attic or chimney they leave behind a huge amount of scent that can be left in an attic for long period of time. Sanitizer eliminates the pheromones left behind.

Bad smell or a dead smell in the house can be a litter of raccoons that were found by a male raccoon. Over the last 15 years I have had homeowners tell me they heard a fight in their chimney. They say it was loud and very scary sounding. My first few years in the business I was stumped. What would go into a chimney and kill the raccoon pups and sometimes the mother, but not eat them? First question really bothered me because not many animals can even get into a chimney. Raccoons are the largest common animal in chimney. Second not eat the? In the animal kingdom not many animals kill for the fun of it, 99% kill for food or in defense. Over time and getting more involved in the Nuisance Wildlife Industry I finally had my answer. Male raccoons will follow the pheromones of a female raccoon to her litter. The male will kill the litter and then re-impregnate the female. Wow, now it all made sense. No pretty but i found my answer.

This is why scent control works so well for mother raccoons in attics or chimneys. Raccoon scents deterants are made of male raccoon pheromones. Once a mother raccoon senses a male raccoon the will take the litter and move them out of the attic and chimney usually totally off the present property.

I hope the is article helps you with the information needed to hire a professional raccoon removal service from our site. Raccoon removals are not easy, leave it to the professionals. Every service listed on National Wildlife Removal knows how to get rid of raccoon quickly and safely.


Raccoon Removal

National Wildlife Removal has the absolute best raccoon removal service listed in your city and state.

 Raccoons have always been a nuisance to humans. They have adapted to living in our attics, chimneys, sewers, and even our trees. Raccoons have been so successful because they will almost eat anything which makes it easy to live almost anywhere.

Raccoon removal from attics is the most common place raccoons have found shelter. Rotten siding, loose roof shingles, attic vents, and missing soffit boards make it easy for a raccoon to gain entry into an attic.

Chimneys with out a chimney cap or a weak chimney cap is the second good place for a raccoon to live. THey will crawl down to behind the damper and sleep on the smoke shelf. The chimney is also a common birthing place for mother raccoons. A raccoon removal from a chimney can be difficult because of the anatomy of a chimney.

Roof shingles that are missing or loose make an easy entry point into an attic. Sometimes a raccoon will just rip through a roof to gain entry leaving a hole in the roof decking straight into the attic.

Attic vents sometimes are wide open with no screening or reinforcement to keep a raccoon from entering the attic. Proper heavy gage screen is necessary to keep out raccoons.

Keeping up with the repairs of the trim and siding of your house will help preventing from ever having to need a raccoon removal.