Charlotte Squirrel Removal

Squirrels in the attic? Chimney? Soffits? Call General Pest Co (704) 777-8003 to solve all your Charlotte squirrel removal problems quickly and humanly.

Squirrel Removal CharlotteSquirrels are entertaining creatures that seem to bother nobody, right? Well, this is true if you are in a park or out on a hike. Squirrels chew into attics and soffits of homes to nest and live in. Squirrels also love to live in chimneys.

Squirrels have incisors front teeth that never stop growing. They have to continually chew on wood, bark, and anything it can to keep them sharp. They keep them sharp to open nuts and to gain entry into hollowed trees or your property. Squirrels have 22 teeth and the use all of them to grind their food to swallow.

Squirrels like attics, soffits, and chimneys because they are quiet and safe from predators. The chewing skills make it easy to gain access to almost anywhere that seems quickly accessible from a roof or tree branch. Once in the area they build a very comfortable nest to sleep and/or to raise their young.

A squirrel can fill an entire chimney with debris, tree limbs, and whatever it finds to fill a hole for a comfortable living space. Attics have many exposed wires running through them for squirrels to chew on for teeth sharpening. As one can see a squirrel can cause a dangerous situation for any home. Squirrels cause many electric fires in attics every year as well as create chimney hazards.

Squirrels are removed successfully by one of two trapping methods. Trap and relocate or One Way traps. Trap and relocate is usually used one the squirrel has continued to be a nuisance. One way traps are used to let the squirrel out of the entry point but not let them re-enter the entry. The picture above ia a one way trap with one squirrel out and one squirrel about to come out of the entry point. One ways work good because there is not relocation of the squirrel and less trips out by the nuisance wildlife control company. There are one way traps that do have enclosed ends to capture the squirrel for relocation. You and your nuisance wildlife control company should decide which method will work for your unique situation.

The cost of a professional squirrel removal varies by each situation. This really is true. The scope of work to resolve each situation is completely different from call to call. For instance one call may be just setting a one way trap and no clean up necessary and the next may be five one ways, 12 hours of soffit repairs plus materials, and sanitizing the attic. Every call varies in between these two scenarios or may even be more work. Typically squirrel calls are just a couple of minor holes and repairs with 2-3 visits all done over a weeks time. Typically is a dangerous word, we often do non typical jobs, that’s why you are calling us for your Charlotte squirrel removal.

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