Denver Wildlife Removal

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Wildlife Removal Denver

Experiencing any of these problems?

  • animals in attics, noises in the attic
  • how to get rid of raccoons from attics and chimneys, raccoon removal
  • squirrel removal and control, damage from squirrels chewing on siding
  • opossum removal, mother opossum with babies living under porch
  • rats in the attic, rat proofing home and attic
  • skunk trapping and removal
  • armadillo digging up your yard and flower beds, armadillo removal
  • bats or birds in chimney or attic, birds roosting in eaves and signs
  • snake removal from gardens and yard
  • dead animal removal, dead smell in wall
  • animal control for wildlife

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True Wildlife Stories…

I had a customer whom had just came home from vacation enter into their living room. They had just picked up their dog, a little pug, from the doggie hotel. The pug started sniffing around and started to bark at the newspaper stand. The customer kept bring in their luggage and kept telling the pug to quiet down. If you have ever had or known a pug they do not quiet down until the proper attention is given to what they want. The customer and his wife got their luggage into the master bedroom and started to unpack. The pug would not stop barking and would not come into the master bedroom when he was called for. True story, at the same time the customer went out to check on what the pug was so persistent about the wife screamed and the customer saw what the pug was alerting them to. The wife saw a raccoon pup sleeping on top of the curtain rod and the customer saw a raccoon pup stuck in the newspaper basket. All three of them got out of the house and called a wildlife removal service.

This actually happens often. Once called out the we found 4 raccoon pups. The other two were cuddled up together under the couch. An inspection of the property revealed that they had no chimney cap and that the mother was asleep in the chimney. The damper was open and the pups wandered in and out of the fireplace with the mother feeding them behind the grate once the were in the house. Luckily for the customer the mother did not venture into the home further that the fireplace.

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