Get rid of a Skunk

Most people can smell when they need help to get rid of a skunk in their home, but where do you start?

Skunks are most commonly feared for their horrible odor and the inability to get rid of the smell off of things animals or areas that the skunk has sprayed. While there are many solutions that you can find to get rid of the smell, some work for some people while they don’t work as well for others, one of the main reasons that people don’t like having skunks near their home is the fear of getting sprayed. Skunks are carriers of rabies yet there are not many recorded cases where a skunk has passed disease or illness on to a human.

Skunks have an incredible sense of smell and hearing yet they have very poor sight, which is why you can often run into them as roadkill near highways, they were not able to see that they were about to cross a road. Due to this skunks can feel threatened very easily when something catches them off guard. Most skunks display the same behavior when they are scared, they will raise and bush out their tail while hissing and stamping their foot. If you see this behavior, run. Skunks have an amazing accuracy in their spray up to 10 feet away.

Most of the time that a skunk stumbles onto your property it is in search of food. Skunks will eat almost anything including other animal carcasses and garbage. Keeping your garbage cans secured with a lid is one of the biggest deterrents you can do for your home. Once a skunk has made its way onto your property the most effective way to rid yourself of it is to trap and relocate the skunk. This is where trained and experienced help comes in handy. When you are trapping for skunks it is best to use a trap specifically made for skunks, this will close them in and prevent you from getting sprayed in the relocation process. If this is not available some Wildlife Specialists will wrap tarp around an open trap, either way works just fine.

If you have a skunk that has made it into your home we definitely recommend getting a professional to help you with the removal. When you have a skunk inside of your home there is quite a bit of concern as to if the skunk will spray in your home or not. While there is no guarantee as to what a wild animal will do it is best to get someone out to set traps and get it caught and relocated as soon as possible to prevent it from spraying in your home or getting trapped in the walls and dying there.

The best way to save yourself from having a skunk in your home is to ensure that your home is sealed completely against any wildlife entry. Ensure that there are no holes in your siding, open vents and so on. If you have decking, it pays to have this area closed in so as to prevent the animals from taking up home under your deck in the first place. If you find that there is an area of your home that has an opening the best thing to do is to get a Wildlife Specialist from our National Directory out to ensure that there are no animals in your home prior to closing these holes.

If the skunk has been in your home it is important to ensure that a full cleanup and sanitizing is done on any remaining feces and urine from the animal. The professionals listed in our National Wildlife Removal Directory are trained and experienced in animal removal as well as repairs and cleanup. If you are in need of help contact them today.