How to get rid of an Armadillo

Do you need help with how to get rid of an armadillo in your yard?

Armadillos are an interesting animal, they have a bone like material that covers their whole body and protects them. Armadillos dig for their food and so warm climates with soft soil are often where they are found thriving. An armadillo can cause quite a bit of damage to landscaping and gardens when they dig their burrows into the ground. They can also cause a bit of damage when they burrow under a patio or foundation of the home. Getting the armadillo trapped and relocated is one of the only ways to get it out of your yard. Armadillos are primarily nocturnal yet they have been known to come out during the day when it is cool outside and after rains. They are able to run very fast and when scared jump straight up and run.

One way to spot that your yard has been visited by an armadillo is if you see a large burrow with a pile of dirt next to it. Armadillos leave very strong scent behind them that often attracts other armadillos to the area for food. One way to prevent another animal from coming into the same burrow is to place mesh into the hole before filling it up, this will stop other armadillos from burrowing into the same hole in the future.

There are two ways of how to get rid of an armadillo, one is through trapping and the other is through prevention. When trapping an armadillo it really pays to have training and experience with their behavior. We have seen it occur often when someone is working on trapping an armadillo that the target armadillo has dug under or around the barriers and traps that have been put up. If you are trying to prevent the entry from armadillos into an area the best thing do to is place metal mesh, boards or brick about 18-20 inches into the ground, it will need to have an outward bend at the base. Since this is very labor intensive the best method is trapping and removal when there is an armadillo present.

There a few methods that you can find on the internet such as the use of predator urine, ultrasonic sound devices. These methods have been proven to not work. If you are in need of armadillo removal the best thing to do is call for a Wildlife Specialist and get their assistance with trapping and removal. There is no need to lay poison or set up lethal traps, depending on your state laws this can even be illegal, as the only proven method for removal is through trapping.

It has happened in the past that by the time the burrow or dig spots are noticed, the animal has passed on to a neighboring yard to continue on its hunt for grubs and food. Yet this is something that it not known for sure until the trapping has begun. Armadillos can be quite a handful to get rid of, without the training and experience to assist you in trapping you will most likely end up frustrated and with little to no success.