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Wildlife Removal Kentucky

Bowling Green 
Every Kentucky listing on this site has been tested and passed the Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators test to do business in the State of Kentucky.

Every Company listed here on NWR has been personally interviewed and approved to be listed. Our listing standards are as follows…

  • 3 years minimum in business
  • Good honest ratings on the web
  • Good standing with the BBB
  • Follows the nuisance wildlife “Code of Conduct”


Each company has its own proven method of removal and National Wildlife does not approve of or disapprove of any legal methods. Some removal methods work in curtain situations that may not work in other situations, for instance…

Situation…Raccoon in an attic with newborn pups. There are three common methods of removal.

  • Live capture of the mother and pups
  • Scent control products to let the mother relocate themselves
  • Trapping and relocation

Every situation has several possible out comes. What method of removal is the Nuisance Control Officer comfortable with for a safe successful removal.

Kentucky wildlife removals are vast in what kind of animals dwell in Kentucky. Canadian Geese, raccoons, rats, opossums, snakes, birds, skunk, and bats are the most common nuisances.