Cincinnati Wildlife Removal

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Wildlife Removal Cincinnati

Experiencing any of these problems?

    • bats in attic or chimney
    • Canadian Geese flocks
    • animals in attics, noises in the attic
    • how to get rid of raccoons from attics and chimneys, raccoon removal
    • squirrel removal and control, damage from squirrels chewing on siding
    • opossum removal, mother opossum with babies living under porch
    • rats in the attic, rat proofing home and attic
    • skunk trapping and removal
    • armadillo digging up your yard and flower beds, armadillo removal
    • snake removal from gardens and yard
    • dead animal removal, dead smell in wall
    • animal control for wildlife

Certified Nuisnace Wildlife Control

When calling Tri-State Wildlife Management you get Vikki Rawe, founder and owner / operator.

Below are some qualifications that Vikki has earned in the Nuisance Wildlife Removal industry, but first let me talk about what you get when hiring Tri-State Wildlife Management. Here at NWR we do not sell our positions for each city, we wait to be contacted from wildlife removal companies. I (Chad Murray, CEO of NWR) have never spoken to a more qualified and caring individual for the wildlife removal industry than I did when I spoke to Vikki and Molly (Viki’s daughter who runs the office). The knowledge, professionalism, and customer service is not matched by any other company that I have ever had the courtesy to speak to. Every company listed with NWR has high standards, but Vikki and Molly made an impression that you Cincinnati really do have one of the best nuisance wildlife removal services in the country, period.

Vikki’s Credentials

  • 21 years of wildlife experience
  • Technician – Certified Wildlife Control Professional (CWCP)
  • National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA)
  • Certified NWCOA Instructor (CNI)
  • Central Region Director (NWCOA)
  • Bat Standards Compliant (NWCOA)
  • Goose Academy Certified(NWCOA)
  • Certified Bird Barrier Installer

Cincinnati, you will not find a more qualified nuisance wildlife professional in the tristate area!

Call Tri-State Wildlife Management at (513) 853-0037 for your wildlife removal needs in Cincinnati and surrounding local cites.