Portland Wildlife Removal

Portland Oregon Wildlife Removal

Call CCP Wildlife Control LLC at 503-201-2432 for your wildlife removal needs in Portland and surrounding local cities.

Experiencing any of these problems?

  • scratching noises coming from attic?
  • loud footsteps in the attic?
  • see squirrels running on roof? chewing on siding?
  • something living in your chimney? attic? sofits? under the porch?
  • smell a skunk? keep smelling a skunk? see a skunk?
  • see rat droppings? see a rat?
  • hear birds in the attic or front entry?
  • have an opossum under the grill?
  • snake in the garden? snake anywhere?
  • dead smell?

CCP Wildlife Control LLC will professionally take care of all your nuisance wildlife removal problems in and around Portland, Oregon.


Clifford Foster has championed the nuisance wildlife industry for over 30 years of experience working for Oregon State Forestry. Members of NWCOA and the Oregon Trapping Association.

Certified by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife as a Wildlfie Control Operator.

The Services we provide include: wildlife removal, wildlife exclusion, rodent control, bird control, attic restorations, and deodorization services.

Call for any nuisnace wildlife animal, no pet calls please.