Remove Raccoons from Attic Portland

If you need help to remove raccoons from attic Portland call CCP Wildlife Control (503) 201-2432.

This season raccoons have been busy, they are looking for homes and getting ready to either give birth to their young or have already started on raising them. If you have experienced this most likely it has been due to the mother raccoon taking up home in your attic, walls or somewhere in your home. While at first this might not seem like a bad idea to leave her be until she decides to move on her one, there are a few things that you should know beforehand. When you remove raccoons from attic Portland the best thing to do is to relocate the mother and babies together, this will raise the babies’ chances of survival. Mother raccoons can cause quite a bit of damage when in your attic or home, this is due to them moving things around and making the space into their home. Also if you try and close a mother raccoon out of the space that her babies are in she will very likely cause quite a bit of damage to your home in getting back to the babies.

One example of this was where a client called in that he had seen a raccoon leaving his home one morning and quickly repaired the hole and ensured it was sealed so the raccoon could not get back in. The next day there were three large holes that the raccoon had made to get back into his attic. That night she left again and he again repaired and sealed all three new holes. That night he was unable to sleep due to all the noise this raccoon was making, it was as she was bending a metal vent open that he realized that she must have had babies in his attic that she was getting to. Sure enough to remove raccoons from attic Portland there needed to be a solution to getting the babies relocated with the mother. This came in the form of eviction fluid. Eviction fluid can be easily used to remove raccoons from attic Portland where it is placed near the area the raccoons are in when the mother raccoon smells it she often relocates the babies on her own away from the smell. Eviction fluid consists of male raccoon pheromones and predator urine.

If you need to remove raccoons from attic Portland the best people to call is the trained and experienced staff at CCP Wildlife Control, (503) 201-2432. The owner, Clifford, Wildlife Control Operator is certified by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and personally oversees each wildlife removal situation to make sure that you are getting the most effective and humane solution for your home. They are available 24/7 for your wildlife needs. Please call the city or county for domestic cats or dogs.

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