Remove Rats in the Attic

To remove rats in the attic can become quite a never ending task to the untrained.

When you have rats in the attic it can seem like a one sided battle depending on the size of the infestation. One of the things that we always repeat at National Wildlife Removal is to get professional help when needed. There are Wildlife Specialists that are trained and experienced in the situation that you are going through that can help you to eliminate the stress and problems related to a wildlife removal.

There are many pest companies that will offer to help you remove rats in the attic. Always find out if they use poison or poisoned bait to handle the rats. If so, find someone who does not. Poisons are designed to dehydrate the animals this then results in them looking for water in the areas they are in. More often than not you will end up with dead rats in your walls and near your A/C unit as they were looking for condensation. At National Wildlife Removal we have heard endless stories from the companies in our National Directory of clients who have had a simple rat exclusion turn in to a much more extensive project of removing the poison, dead animals in your home and correctly trapping for rats.

Rats are able to get into an opening that is a half of an inch. If they are able to squeeze their head in they are able to get the rest of their body to follow. They have even been known to enter plumbing pipes on roofs and swim into the home. This makes the sealing and rat proofing of your home a high priority. Most Wildlife Removal companies will offer you proofing services as well as warranties and follow up on the proofing of your home. Take advantage of these services, they are the best preventative measure that you can take to ensure there is no entry into your home by unwanted wildlife animals including rats.

Rats are of the rodent family, one problem that this gives them is the fact that their teeth are always growing. They have to constantly chew to keep the teeth in check. This results in damage to your home in the form of chewed wood, gnawed on wires and so on. A rat infestation has been known to cause more than one house fire due to chewing on wires in the attic or walls and causing a short. Rats are also carriers of diseases and illness that can be left behind in their feces and urine. Getting this cleaned up and sanitized will ensure that you do not spread anything through your home.

If a rat has found its way into your chimney it is most likely that there is some damage to your chimney chase or chimney cap. When your rat removal is completed you will want to have these issues addressed to prevent further reentry from rats along with other wildlife animals from entering your home through your chimney.

Getting rats removed from your attic can seem like a daunting task at first but with the help of trained and experienced Wildlife Specialists the whole removal, repairs and clean up can be easy.