South Carolina Wildlife Removal

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Wildlie Removal South Carolina

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South Carolina has many species of nuisance wildlife living with in its boarders. Due to the population in urban areas may of its wildlife has adapted to living amongst humans.

I have interviewed several nuisance wildlife companies to be listed here in each South Carolina city. We only allow companies that have good honest ratings, been in business at least 3 years, and follow the nuisance wildlife “Code of Conduct”. Each company will provide the proper successful methods of removal for that nuisance animal. Each company has its own proven method of removal and National Wildlife does not approve of or disapprove of any legal methods. Some removal methods work in curtain situations that may not work in other situations, for example…

Squirrels that have chewed into a second story attic. Some nuisance wildlife companies will repair every hole on the exterior except one and mount a “One Way Trap” for the the squirrels to exit on their own. Other removal companies may want to set traps to capture the nuisance squirrel and relocate the squirrel all together then do the repairs. Niether solution is better, both offer quick removal with different methods.