Chimney Sweep and Wildlife Removal

Do you know what chimney sweeps and wildlife removal have in common?

I hope you have taken a chance to make sure that your home is fully animal proofed, Denver and everywhere else is about to get a change of seasons. I say this because the breeding season for most of the common nuisance wildlife that come into contact with humans is coming to a start. If there is a way into your home, it is likely that they will find this entrance and get in to start nesting and getting ready for their babies to come.

Raccoon Removal Live

Your chimney is an exact replica of a hollowed out tree in the eyes of a mother looking for a safe place to nest and raise their young. When you have a raccoon, squirrel or even birds nesting in your chimney they bring with them all sorts of nesting materials into your chimney which can create great fire hazards in your home. This nesting material can build up over time, we have even seen up to 6 feet of impacted nesting materials that has been added to year after year and which even had previous years unhatched eggs as well as carcasses of other animals that got trapped in there over time.

As much as you may not think that a chimney sweep would be vital to the prevention of wildlife in your home, think again. Getting and keeping your Denver chimney sweep cleaning done regularly will help you to ensure that a chimney cap with animal proofing is in place on your home and helping to prevent animal entry, which in turn will keep your chimney safe from uncontrolled fires.

Have a Certified Chimney Professional come to your home for chimney sweep cleaning!

Just as in I always recommend for wildlife removal to hire a professional, you must, must, must hire a Certified Chimney Professional to help you with your chimney sweep. This is the only way to know that your chimney is fully safe and up to code.

Do you need help with bat removal in Covington?

Do you know what to do when you have a bat in your home?

There has been a notable increase in the number of reported incidents of people finding bats in their homes. This can become quite dangerous to the residents in the home as bat bites can often times go unnoticed. This happens in sleeping adults and young children, where they may be bitten and since the bat teeth are so small the marks are sometimes overlooked.

When you notice that there is a bat in your home the best thing to do is to call for professional help. Tri-State Wildlife Management, (859) 635-0037, is one of the leaders in bat removal in Covington.

Call Tri-State Wildlife Management (859) 635-0037 for help.

There is more than one reason that bats in your home are a dangerous thing. First is the rise in the findings of rabies in bats. 5-10% of the bats that are found and tested in Kentucky have been found to be positive of rabies. Another reason that bats can be dangerous is the fact that they can pass histoplasmosis through their feces (guano) and urine. Getting bats removed from your home should not end until the area the bats have been staying in has been cleaned and sanitized.

Bats are can be helpful to humans

When working in wildlife control Covington, one thing to remember is that bats can actually be helpful to humans in the area. Bats eat mosquitoes and other small flying insects. Keeping the number s of bat colonies up is more beneficial to humans and the eco-system. The key thing is to ensure that your home is secure and there are no entries that they can get into.

Getting a company that is trained and experienced in wildlife control and bat removal will help to ensure that any of these entry points are found and sealed. Getting the bats out and getting the area cleaned and sanitized is the only way to guarantee that there is no spread of disease or illness from the bats having been in your home.

Call Tri-State Wildlife Management, (859) 635-0037, for help from Certified Bat Standard Compliant technicians.

Denver Dead Animal Removal

Do you know who to call to handle Denver dead animal removal? Call Master Services (303) 720-7096 for the best removal services in town.

When you have a dead animal in your home it is hard to miss, in most situations homeowners may have heard noises which are now quiet and there is now a smell in the home. Other times it is just the unmistakable smell of a dead animal in need of removal. In most cases these animals are in areas that are hard to get to which is why they have died in your home, they most likely entered your home and got stuck in an area that they could not get out of, or maybe fell and were unable to move from the area. This is where someone who is experienced in Denver dead animal removal comes in as a great help.

Denver dead animal removal can sometimes include opening areas in your home in order to find and remove the animal, in fact, it can be one of the more invasive animal removal procedures that you will have to deal with. When you have found that you need Denver dead animal removal, one very key thing to ensure gets done on your home is the repair and sealing of any entry points that the animal used to get into your home in the first place. This will prevent you from having to deal with Denver dead animal removal again in the future.

Getting Denver dead animal removal done in your home by a trained professional will help in ensuring that there is no spread of disease or illness that may have been left behind by the animal. When you are dealing with a dead animal you do not know for certain the cause of death at the time that you do the removal, sometimes the animal found your home as a secure place to live and died there due to an illness or disease, depending on the illness these can effect humans to the point of causing illness, blindness and in some cases death. Making sure that they are removed from your home in a safe manner will ensure there is nothing spread to you or through your home.

When you call for Denver dead animal removal Master Services also offers repairs, full home proofing as well as cleanup and sanitizing once the animal is removed. This service rids your home of any feces, urine or illness that may have been left behind. Doing this also removes as lingering odors from your home.

If you are in need of Denver dead animal removal call Master Services (303) 720-7096 for the best service in town.