Animal Removal Houston

If you are in a situation where you are in need of animal removal Houston call Chimney Wildlife Tech (832) 413-6431 for fast and effective removal.

Let’s paint a picture, last night you are laying asleep in bed and are woken up by a noise in your attic, it is so loud it sounds like someone is walking around in your attic. The question is who you can contact to determine what this animal is and what you can do to get the animal out of your house. Depending on the type of animal removal Houston that you need there are a few different methods for removal that can be used to ensure that your situation is handled as fast and humanely as possible.

If there is a raccoon in your attic, over the next few months, you are most likely dealing with a mother raccoon and her babies. One of the most successful methods for removal of a mother raccoon and her babies is through the use of eviction fluid. This is a mix of male raccoon pheromones and predator urine which is most cases signals the mother to move her babies so they are not in any danger, this can be a simple animal removal Houston solution if you are dealing with raccoons. Having a trained and experienced Specialist assist you with the animal removal Houston will help to ensure the right methods are used for the type of animal you are dealing with and thus be able to speed up the removal process.

Once the animal removal Houston is completed the Wildlife Specialists from Chimney Wildlife Tech will assist you in ensuring that any holes the animal used in getting into your home are repaired and sealed to prevent future entry from other animals or reentry from the same animal. Once this is done they will also help you to get any cleanup and sanitizing needed done. Removing any feces, urine and nesting materials that have been left behind will ensure that you don’t have any lingering odors as well as eliminating any possible spread of disease and illness that the animal may have been carrying.

When you are in need of animal removal Houston call Chimney Wildlife Tech (832) 413-6431 for a home evaluation.