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National Wildlife Removal has the best list of local Nuisance Wildlife Control Officers. State certified, fully insured, uniformed, and experienced in the national and local approved methods for a  proper wildlife removal.

Trap a raccoonThere are many companies out there now a days offering wildlife removals. Due to the popular TV shows about are industry. The problem is that they are not properly trained in a safe and humane method of removal for the animals. Wrestling a scared cornered animal is not often a humane methods of removal. Don’t get me wrong, we often have to grab wild animals by our hands, but only as last resort unless they are young. The most important objective is to removal the animal quickly and as humanely as possible.

Every listed NWR company here has the experience and the certifications to do the best wildlife removal in your local city.

To use this site just click on the state and then the city you live in for a local wildlife removal service. Only one company is listed per city because I want the best company locally, not just anyone that does wildlife removal.

Please look over the animal pages to be aware of what your nuisance animal could be. If you need a raccoon removal, squirrel removal, snake in the garden, armadillo digging up the grass, moles tracks in the yard, coyotes coming on your property, opossum in the attic, bats in the attic, rats in the attic, or any wildlife removal please look at our website to educate yourself on what to expect.

Raccoon Removal

Find a National Raccoon Removal specialist in your area here. Raccoon pups are getting active and starting to get mobile. One mother and up to 6 pups are now running around the attic or chimney.

Raccoon RemovalRaccoons love to enter attics and chimneys. Both areas offer quiet, safe, and comfortable nesting spaces to give birth and feed new born raccoon pups.

Even as hot as attics can be raccoons have the ability to endure the heat and survive. The insulation offers are great pillow effect for comfort.

Attics are easy for raccoons to enter. Old vent covers with no screening or weak screening, rotting siding, thin old roof shingles and decking, and raccoons have learned to tear off sofit boards. Raccoons have adapted to get into attics of even new homes. Raccoon pups in the wall

Once in the attic raccoons often slide down a wall to mimic living inside a tree trunk.

Typically they like the easy access, but I have seen a raccoon rip off a new roof and dig through a deck board to get into an attic. If a raccoon wants in sometimes the best animal proofed home cannot keep them out.

The best way to keep raccoons away is to deter them from wanting to enter your property. Proper measures need to be followed to deter raccoons from your property like…

  • keep trash can lids secured tightly, use bungee cords or have your cans in a sealed container
  • keep pet food inside, often a neighbor is feeding cats outside but is also attracting raccoons to the neighborhood
  • maintain rotting trim or siding
  • have a chimney cap

Raccoon in the attic

To get rid of raccoons in attics Nuisance Wildlife Services do one of three methods.

  1. Live catch
  2. Scent Deterrents – I do not mean coyote urine! Not effective in my opinion.
  3. Trap

Some Nuisance Wildlife Services have their own special method that they go to for odd situations, but the above 3 methods typically work for a fast solution.

People that have re-occuring raccoon issues generally do not do a proper clean up of the feces and then sanitize the effected area. Raccoons search out other raccoons for breeding using pheromones. When a raccoon or a family of raccoons has been taken out of an attic or chimney they leave behind a huge amount of scent that can be left in an attic for long period of time. Sanitizer eliminates the pheromones left behind.

Bad smell or a dead smell in the house can be a litter of raccoons that were found by a male raccoon. Over the last 15 years I have had homeowners tell me they heard a fight in their chimney. They say it was loud and very scary sounding. My first few years in the business I was stumped. What would go into a chimney and kill the raccoon pups and sometimes the mother, but not eat them? First question really bothered me because not many animals can even get into a chimney. Raccoons are the largest common animal in chimney. Second not eat the? In the animal kingdom not many animals kill for the fun of it, 99% kill for food or in defense. Over time and getting more involved in the Nuisance Wildlife Industry I finally had my answer. Male raccoons will follow the pheromones of a female raccoon to her litter. The male will kill the litter and then re-impregnate the female. Wow, now it all made sense. No pretty but i found my answer.

This is why scent control works so well for mother raccoons in attics or chimneys. Raccoon scents deterants are made of male raccoon pheromones. Once a mother raccoon senses a male raccoon the will take the litter and move them out of the attic and chimney usually totally off the present property.

I hope the is article helps you with the information needed to hire a professional raccoon removal service from our site. Raccoon removals are not easy, leave it to the professionals. Every service listed on National Wildlife Removal knows how to get rid of raccoon quickly and safely.


Athens Clarke Wildlife Removal

Athens Clarke Wildlife Removal

National Wildlife Removal welcomes Byram Wildlife Removal in Athens-Clarke, Georgia. For an expert bat removal, raccoon removal, skunk removal, squirrel control removal, snake removal, beaver trapped and removed, armadillo removal, opossum removal, fox removal, groundhog removal, mole removal, bird control, and coyote removal.

John Byram, owner operator, is licensed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and a member of National Wildlife Operators Association.

John has been trapping since 1978 and started part time as a wildlife control service in 1999. It was not long before John was busy enough to go full time, 24 hour service, 7 days a week.

Bat removal

Byram Wildlife Removal does one of the most successful bat removal and exclusion services in Georgia. John does it by the book, successfully! Getting rid of the bats is only the start to any bat job, exclusion work is John’s specialty. John will clean up all the guano (bat poop) and repair the house or structure so the bats cannot regain access.