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Wildlife Removal Cincinnati

Wildlife control Mariemont is something that you want to get handled as soon as possible. Leaving an animal in your home for extended periods of time can lead to damage and mess in your home that can cost quite a bit. Despite any other thoughts on the matter, most animals that get into your home are not likely to leave on their own. Getting professional help with wildlife control Mariemont is a way to ensure that the animals are relocated from your home with the least amount of damage done as well as making sure that you and your family are kept safe from unnecessary injury or spread of illness.

Getting help with wildlife control Mariemont does not end when the animal is out of your home. One of the main ways to prevent the reentry of animals in the future is to ensure that any areas that the animals were using to get into your home and repaired and sealed. Depending on the animal that is causing trouble this may be a hole as small as 1/4” of an inch. Having a trained and experienced technician assist you in the proofing of your home will help to make sure nothing is missed that could become trouble later. Another way that animals can get into your home is through the chimney, having a chimney cap properly installed on your home can mean the difference between $100’s in animal related repairs.

Another point of wildlife control Mariemont that is often overlooked is the clean up and sanitizing of an area. Animals are commonly carriers of various diseases. Take the bat for example, it is essentially a breeding ground for various illnesses and diseases, it can be a carrier of over 500 different diseases while never being affected by any of them. Common complaints after the removal of raccoons is the new presence of fleas. Getting the areas that the animals were occupying cleaned up and free of any of these diseases or illnesses will help to ensure not only your health but also the health of any domestic pets.

Tri-State Wildlife Management (513) 853-0037 is here to help you with the removal, repairs and clean up in any wildlife control Mariemont situation that you find yourself in.

Wildlife Control Cincinnati

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If you have found that you are in need of wildlife control Cincinnati the best thing to do is to call for professional help as soon as you notice something. This time of year is when the most calls come in regarding bats, squirrels and raccoons getting into people’s homes and causing trouble.

No matter what wildlife control Cincinnati situation you need help with we never recommend trying to handle the removal on you own. No matter how social or friendly an animal looks or acts it is important to remember that it is a wild animal and when in a position of feeling threatened will react as such. The technicians at Tri-State Wildlife Management are trained and experienced in the safe and humane removal of these animals to prevent injury and or further damage to the area that the animals are in.

If you have been hearing noises in your attic or walls or noticed odd smells from these areas, think that there may be an animal living under your home, call for assistance with the removal. The staff at Tri-State Wildlife Management have a combined 100 years of training and experience in the wildlife control Cincinnati field. There is no situation that they will not be able to help you with.

When a technician from Tri-State Wildlife Management comes to your home they are not only interested in getting the animal removed but also in finding out how the animal was able to get into your home in the first place. This will most normally be through entry points in the exterior of your home, depending on the animal you are dealing with these entry points can be as small as a ¼ of an inch. The technicians will help you to get each of these areas repaired and sealed against future entry into your home, thus getting to the bottom of the wildlife control Cincinnati situation in your home.

If you have a situation where you need help with wildlife control Cincinnati call Tri-State Wildlife Management (513) 853-0037 for the best help in the state!

Bats in Attic Cincinnati

If you have found that you have bats in attic Cincinnati, call Tri-State Wildlife Management at (513) 853-0037 for fast and effective service.

When you have bats in your home or workplace there can be quite a bit of damage that is caused, mainly by their guano (feces). Their feces will need to be cleaned up and the area sanitized when the bats in attic Cincinnati are removed to ensure there is no lingering odors as well as eliminating the possibility of spreading any diseases or illnesses that the animals may be carrying.

Bats often end up in your home due to following the air patterns and finding the stream into your home at the temp they are looking for. Think about it, why would anyone or thing turn down a perfectly moderated climate for their home? Its always comfortable. In most situations where there are bats in attic Cincinnati, the bats have been there for much longer than the homeowner realizes, this is due to the fact that they can get into very small spaces, i.e., your weep holes are perfect entry points for bats and that they are normally accessing the home from above the normal sight line, leaving in the evening to hunt for food and returning before dawn to sleep for the day. When there are bats in attic Cincinnati getting professional exclusion help will make sure that once they are gone they do not have a way to get back in.

When you hire a professional to assist you in handling the bats in attic Cincinnati they are trained and experienced in the most up to date laws and humane removal practices and can assist you in getting any possible entry points to your home sealed and proofed against future entry. The staff at Tri-State Wildlife Management have at their helm, Vikki Rawe, who with over 21 years of experience and training has put together the best team in the state to assist you with your needs.

If you have bats in attic Cincinnati call Tri-State Wildlife Management at (513) 853-0037 for service 7 days a week.