Wildlife Control Mariemont

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Wildlife Removal Cincinnati

Wildlife control Mariemont is something that you want to get handled as soon as possible. Leaving an animal in your home for extended periods of time can lead to damage and mess in your home that can cost quite a bit. Despite any other thoughts on the matter, most animals that get into your home are not likely to leave on their own. Getting professional help with wildlife control Mariemont is a way to ensure that the animals are relocated from your home with the least amount of damage done as well as making sure that you and your family are kept safe from unnecessary injury or spread of illness.

Getting help with wildlife control Mariemont does not end when the animal is out of your home. One of the main ways to prevent the reentry of animals in the future is to ensure that any areas that the animals were using to get into your home and repaired and sealed. Depending on the animal that is causing trouble this may be a hole as small as 1/4” of an inch. Having a trained and experienced technician assist you in the proofing of your home will help to make sure nothing is missed that could become trouble later. Another way that animals can get into your home is through the chimney, having a chimney cap properly installed on your home can mean the difference between $100’s in animal related repairs.

Another point of wildlife control Mariemont that is often overlooked is the clean up and sanitizing of an area. Animals are commonly carriers of various diseases. Take the bat for example, it is essentially a breeding ground for various illnesses and diseases, it can be a carrier of over 500 different diseases while never being affected by any of them. Common complaints after the removal of raccoons is the new presence of fleas. Getting the areas that the animals were occupying cleaned up and free of any of these diseases or illnesses will help to ensure not only your health but also the health of any domestic pets.

Tri-State Wildlife Management (513) 853-0037 is here to help you with the removal, repairs and clean up in any wildlife control Mariemont situation that you find yourself in.

Canada Goose Problems Cincinnati

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In the past 50 years there has been a large increase in the size of the Canada goose population in the U.S. This is due to a large amount of work and effort that has gone in to bringing this species back from the brink of extinction. Since this time the Canada goose is a protected animal and has a set of laws in their handling that keeps them from ever reaching extinction again. If you are experiencing Canada goose problems Cincinnati the best thing to do when hiring a professional company to assist you with the handling is to ensure that they have the licensing, training and experience to ensure that the animals are handled legally and humanly.

Due to the fact that Canada goose problems Cincinnati can be quite large at times the animals have recently started being viewed as a pest or nuisance problem. Getting them properly relocated and deterrents in place to prevent them from coming back is the best solution to your Canada goose problems Cincinnati.

Tri-State Wildlife Management is led by Vikki Rawe, who has over 21 years of experience in the wildlife handling and removal fields. She is certified through the National Wildlife Control Operators Association as Goose Academy Certified. As there are many different methods for handling Canada goose problems Cincinnati, Tri-State Wildlife Management keeps up to date on the most legal, humane and effective methods for helping to move the birds and keep them from returning to your property.

Tri-State Wildlife Management, (513) 853-0037, are able to help you with Canada goose problems Cincinnati in residential or commercial situations and are available for service 7 days a week.