Athens Clarke Wildlife Removal

Athens Clarke Wildlife Removal

National Wildlife Removal welcomes Byram Wildlife Removal in Athens-Clarke, Georgia. For an expert bat removal, raccoon removal, skunk removal, squirrel control removal, snake removal, beaver trapped and removed, armadillo removal, opossum removal, fox removal, groundhog removal, mole removal, bird control, and coyote removal.

John Byram, owner operator, is licensed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and a member of National Wildlife Operators Association.

John has been trapping since 1978 and started part time as a wildlife control service in 1999. It was not long before John was busy enough to go full time, 24 hour service, 7 days a week.

Bat removal

Byram Wildlife Removal does one of the most successful bat removal and exclusion services in Georgia. John does it by the book, successfully! Getting rid of the bats is only the start to any bat job, exclusion work is John’s specialty. John will clean up all the guano (bat poop) and repair the house or structure so the bats cannot regain access.