Animal Control Charlotte

If you are hearing noises in your attic contact an Animal Control Charlotte company, fast!

This is the time of year that animals are looking for a safe place to breed and raise their young for the next few months. More often than not, your home or office building becomes prime real estate for all different type of critters. Animal control Charlotte becomes a necessary step for homeowners in preventing damage to their homes.

There may be only slight things that tip you off to an animal being in your attic, walls or soffits. They might also announce themselves quite openly, either way you need to get help from an animal control Charlotte company right away.

Squirrels for example have teeth which have no roots; this causes them to chew in order to keep their teeth from growing out of control. There is no end to what they will chew, wires, wood, and metal, anything they can get their teeth onto can and most likely will be destroyed. Raccoons have paws which can be rotated at 180 degrees, this along with their intelligence make them one of the top nuisance animal control Charlotte animals to watch out for as they can easily take vent or soffit coverings off of your home to gain access.

Over the next few months you will want to make sure that any company you hire has training and experience in handling babies as well. If they are not knowledgeable in the trapping and relocating of babies, you can end up with a situation where the mother is relocated and the babies are not found until a few days later based on the stench. To prevent this and give the animals the best chances for survival the technician should be trained in spotting and mother and locating the offspring.

For a list of companies that service the greater Charlotte NC area, including the towns of Gastonia, Matthews, Mint Hill, Indian Trail, Waxhaw, Weddington, Monroe, Winston-Salem, Ballantyne, Pineville, Lake Norman, Huntersville, Denver NC, Mooresville, Statesville, Newton, Conover, Hickory, Lincolnton, Cornelius, Davidson, Troutman, Sherrills Ford and more, look at our “locations” page!

Through their years of training and experience with all types of pest situations they are certain they can handle any of your needs. Please do not contact them about cats or dogs as they don’t handle domestic animals. Call today if you are in need of animal control Charlotte services.

Wildlife Removals

A wildlife removals directory for local Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators.

Not all wildlife removals are done humanly, legally, and successfully. Using this directory can same you time and money. Why?

  1. Hire a licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator. First question when choosing a service is “Are you licensed or registered with the state for Nuisance Wildlife?”. With the popularity of TV shows about our industry many new wildlife removal services have started up. Watching a TV show is not a certification or the proper training to handle a rabid raccoon, or trap a skunk without letting it spray. Always find out how long the company has been in business doing nuisance wildlife removals.
    Pest control services often offer wildlife removals, yet have no training on human trapping methods nor do the do the proper animal proofing repairs to keep them out. Some pest control services have done the proper training. Ask them if the do repairs, if not then they do not have the necessary nuisance wildlife removal training to eliminate your issues. Pest control services just control them, leaving the door open for future service calls. Trained nuisance wildlife control operators strive to eliminate your wildlife removal issues for good.
  2. Repairs. Again ask if the do repairs? If they don’t then they are not trained in proper nuisance wildlife. Our training is to remove the nuisance animal, then do the proper repairs (exclusion) to keep out future critters. This is important, if you have a mother raccoon in the attic and you remove her without repairing the hole another raccoon will easily get into the same spot. Hiring a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator insures that the repair will be reinforced in keeping any future wildlife from re-entering.
  3. Clean up! Do they do the clean up after the animal is removed. Feces and urine is left behind and must be clean up. This is the part of the wildlife removal that is the most important. Attic and wall removals are often disregarded because of the cost. Homeowners do not realize attics are breeding ground for airborne diseases from the feces of raccoons and squirrels. Think of it like this, one pile of feces in an attic over 125 degrees forever, never cleaned up. Now multiply this by 50 and that is your average dropping left behind from an animal that has been in a space for over two weeks. The average time an animal goes undetected in an attic or structure is 10 days before the homeowner knows they are there. I experience this all the time. We get called out and it is a nursing mother raccoon or squirrel. You can tell by the age of the litter, typically five to twelve days old on average.
  4. Sanitize. Once the animal feces and urine are gone sanitize the infected area. This step is never thought of by the homeowners until it is brought the their attention. Homeowners just think of getting rid of the animal, not the proper process after the animal is gone. You clean and sanitize your bathroom weekly, you only have to clean and sanitize your attic when an animal has used as a bathroom once.
  5. Experience. I must mention this a bit more. Wildlife is unpredictable. Having the training on predicting what the animal will do will result in a faster removal. Even predicting what the will do is still a educated guess on our part. However, our training has taught us on what to do next for plan B, C, D, and even plan E if necessary. Most of the time plan A works and if not plan B typically works 99% of the time, but if not were trained in dealing with many different situations.

Hire a service that know how to solve your wildlife removals quickly, humanly, and completely.