Wildlife Control Denver

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Master Services has been in business for over 16 years in the wildlife control and removal field. The company was started by high school sweethearts, Chad & Christa Murray in 1996 as a family owned and run company. In that time their family and company has expanded with them recently expanding into the Denver, Colorado area. If you need help with wildlife control Denver they will be right there ready to help you in your needs. Their company is humane and effective in removals and relocation of animals that have become a nuisance to you or your home.

Considering there are many different scenarios that can occur with wildlife control Denver it is safe to say that the best thing to do for your home when you notice there is something going on is to call for professional assistance with the determination of what is occurring along with the removal of the animals from your home. The technicians at Master Services are trained and have daily hands on experience in the trapping and eviction of many different nuisance animals. They will arrive at your home and help to determine where the animals are getting into your home along with what is needed to get these areas repaired and sealed to prevent future reentry into your home. Once the technician has determined what animal has been in your home they will work out the best plan for trapping and removal in your wildlife control Denver situation.

Depending on the type of animal that you are dealing with there are different trapping or eviction methods that might be used. For example, if you are dealing with squirrels one method that may be used is the one-way-door trap, this will allow the animal to leave your home and not get back in. Due to the fact that squirrels are very territorial this will actually help to ensure that more squirrels do not arrive to populate your yard. When the wildlife control Denver actions are targeting a mother raccoon with babies, the use of eviction fluid may be employed, this will signal to the mother that her home and her young are in danger and in most cases she will move them on her own.

Once the trapping and removal portion of wildlife control Denver is completed on your home the technicians at Master Services will assist you in getting any needed cleanup and sanitizing done in the area that the animals were removed from to prevent lingering odors and the spread of any illness or disease.

If you are in need of wildlife control Denver, call Master Services (303) 720-7096 for effective and humane services.

Rat Removal Denver

If you are dealing with rat removal Denver call for professional help, the best people Denver are the Wildlife Specialists at Master Services (303) 720-7096.

When you have a situation where you are dealing with rats in your home it can get to a point where you feel like you are spinning your wheels. This is due to the fact that rats can get into your home through an opening no larger than a ¼ of an inch, as well as being able to enter through your plumbing pipes and swim into your home. If all of these possible entry points are not sealed or proofed against entry you will end up needing constant rat removal Denver.

Rats are quite often viewed as a dirty animal, this is due to the fact that they are. They do not differentiate between their eating and waste areas, meaning they can be eating through a bag of food and leaving waste right there while they are eating. This is part of what makes them a danger to humans as they spread disease through any area that they are in. When you need rat removal Denver the staff here at National Wildlife Removal always suggest getting professional Wildlife Removal help. Doing this can be quite an overhaul on your home depending on the openings that you have, yet once the rat removal Denver is completed and your home is fully proofed you will be able to put this infestation behind you and know that you home is safe from entry by rats and other rodents.

When getting rat removal Denver completed we never suggest using poison or poisoned bait, this is due to the fact that the poisons are designed to dehydrate the animal and drive them to find water. This, in the case of the rat removal Denver being done in your home, almost always results in the animals finding water at you’re A/C unit or in pipes and dying in these areas, making the rat removal Denver more invasive and harder to accomplish in your home.

Once the rat removal Denver has been completed the best thing to do is to get the area that the rats were in cleaned up and sanitized. This will not only remove lingering odors but will also ensure that any contamination that was left behind is safely removed from your home.

If you have found yourself in a situation needing rat removal Denver call Master Services (303) 720-7096 for the best service in town.