Rat Proofing Your Home Dunwoody

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Rats are not something to let go unhandled. In fact, they can contaminate quite a large area pretty fast due to their ability to get into small places along with the fact that they don’t separate their eating and waste areas. If you have noticed that you have rats in your home, contact a professional about rat proofing your home Dunwoody right away.

When hiring a company to help you with rat proofing your home Dunwoody, be sure to not use a company that employs the use of poisons in handling rat problems. When poisons or poisoned baits are used the animals are normally driven to dehydration, this will lead them to find sources of water which normally end up being the plumbing pipes in your home or even the condensation on your a/c unit. This then results in dead animals needing to be removed from these areas of your home. When you move from live animal eviction to dead animal removal the effect on your home is quite different, dead animal removal can become quite invasive to find and locate the carcass as opposed to being able to attract and trap live animals with bait.

Rats need only an opening ¼ of an inch to get into a home, this can be areas like your weep holes, soffit covers, loose vents, your plumbing pipes and so on. For example, rats can get into your plumbing outlet pipes on the roof of your home and swim into your home via these pipes, getting these areas proofed against entry will go miles in rat proofing your home Dunwoody.

When the professionals from Titan Animal Solutions come to your home they will not only help you in rat proofing your home Dunwoody but in also getting any needed repairs, cleanup and sanitizing done on your home to ensure there is no spread of disease or illness as well as safely removing any contamination from your home. They can also determine if you need to get any of your attic insulation replaced and if so get this done for you. Titan Animal Solutions are available for emergency situations 24/7.

If you need help rat proofing your home Dunwoody, there is no one better to call than the professionals at Titan Animal Solutions (770) 728-3974.