Houston Wildlife Removal

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Experiencing any of these problems?

  • animals in attics, noises in the attic
  • how to get rid of raccoons from attics and chimneys, raccoon removal
  • squirrel removal and control, damage from squirrels chewing on siding
  • opossum removal, mother opossum with babies living under porch
  • rats in the attic, rat proofing home and attic 
  • skunk trapping and removal
  • armadillo digging up your yard and flower beds, armadillo removal
  • bats or birds in chimney or attic, birds roosting in eaves and signs
  • snake removal from gardens and yard
  • dead animal removal, dead smell in wall
  • animal control for wildlife

Chimney Wildlife Tech professionally will take care of your Houston wildlife removal problems in Houston, Texas. Chimney Wildlife Tech also handles the Dallas, Texas market.


Serving surrounding cities include: The Woodlands, Katy, Pearland, Galveston, Magnolia, Spring, Tomball, Humble, Sugarland, Kingwood, Conroe, and Cypress.

True Wildlife Removal Stories…

A previous customer called me in Texas that she was no longer having a problem with skunks and armadillos. We had spent the better half of a month trapping multiple animals on her property. The customer wanted to thank us for such good service. All of these animals were a normal Texas wildlife removal situation. The customer wanted to also alert us that she has a non-Texas wildlife animal on her property and if we could take care of this situation. Well curious I had to ask what a “non-Texas” animal was? She explained to me that a plumber was working under her the peer and beam home. When the plumber looked off to his left in the distance he could see something looking at him. Not scared yet be flashed his flash light over to it and it was a 16′ python curled up just watching him. Now completely scared he got out of there as fast as he could. We came out and removed the python after a fun little fight with him, by the way it took three of us to get him.

A couple of years ago another customer called our wildlife removal Houston office because be could smell a strong ammonia smell coming from his bathroom. Well we knew right away that smell only comes from on such animal, bats. Bat feces (guano) has a strong smell of ammonia. Upon showing up and doing a property inspection he had a colony of about 50 bats living in the wall. They were getting in a loose piece of siding creating a one inch opening to get into the wall. The time of year was right to be able to but up the bat netting and we were able to remove the bats within three days. We cleaned out the guano, sanitized the area, fixed the siding, and we had to replace two pieces of sheet rock in the bathroom and a closet.